No matter how much experience you have as a driver, uncontrolled and unexpected factors can put you at risk whilst parking.

Reverse sensors are designed to help you detect and react to these occurrences, providing an all-round safer driving experience for you, your passengers and anyone else out on the road.

Learn a little more about parking sensors:

  • Can be fitted at the rear or front of a vehicle
  • Audible and visual warning signals
  • Ideal for difficult parking conditions
  • Available in different colours to match your vehicle
  • Parking made easy with our innovative reverse sensors

    Using a combination of audible and visual signals, our parking sensors can warn you of other vehicles or pedestrians, avoiding the risk of collision.
    And when used in conjunction with our night vision cameras, you’re guaranteed an even safer drive so contact us today.

    Get parking sensors fitted by the professionals. Call Coastal Towbar Services Ltd in Rhyl or Llandudno